Rail – Community Board

Reframe Student Work

This project requires students to rethink a deliberately shallow project brief, examine its goals, and come up with a better brief than the original one. They then find other students with similar or complementary ideas and create a project with more depth than they were originally asked for.

This instance of it asked them to design a billboard to promote good will toward Austin’s public transit system Capital Metro and to advertise their commuter rail service, MetroRail.

In this example, Aaron Arnold, Boris Draca, and Kyle Tweedy planned for a community board to go MetroRail stop. The board would show line information, Capital Metro advertising, and suggestions for Capital Metro brought in from a Twitter feed. In their scenario Capital Metro follows a suggestion and plans a concert series around the new MetroRail line. They designed the interface for the board, placement of it at a station, and materials for the concert series, including brochures, tickets (which functioned as rail and concert tickets), shirts and other promotional materials.