Critical Mass

Print – Pride

Print – Pride Thumbnail

Shaun Martin uses patterns of found images to illustrate the deadly sin of Pride.

Print – Bill of Rights

Print – Bill of Rights Thumbnail

Nicole Ryder uses found images to illustrate the Third Amendment, prohibiting the quartering of soldiers in homes during peacetime.

Print – Greed

Print – Greed Thumbnail

Greg Thomas uses geometric shapes and found images to illustrate the deadly sin, Greed.

Video – Evolution

Video – Evolution Thumbnail

Miranda Petrosky uses paper, scanned textures, and drawings to illustrate animals evolving from living in the sea to on land.

Video – Newton’s Cradle

Video – Newton’s Cradle Thumbnail

In this video, Michael Sodek draws a connection between Newton’s Third Law, as seen through a Newton’s Cradle, and the American Revolution.

Video – Pollution

Video – Pollution Thumbnail

In a short video, Chee Sim uses a factory metaphor as a polemic metaphor for pollution and global warming.


Book Rook

Book Rook Thumbnail

Jonathan Lopez’s Book Rook enables users to categorize their books, see their progress while looking at their whole collection, share highlights, and see other readers’ highlights.


MyBookShelf Thumbnail

Kayla Stark’s MyBookShelf shows the process she went through to use stacked books, friendly typography, relaxing colors, and inviting icons to bring an enriching, real-life feel to users’ book shelves.

Identification Systems

International Style

International Style Thumbnail

Kelsey Smith uses muted colors and repeated shapes to create an identification system for an exhibit on Swiss Modernism.

International Style

International Style Thumbnail

Jean Viera uses the rationality of Swiss Modernism to create a series of three buttons for an exhibit on Modernism.



Ligature Thumbnail

Courtney Simchick’s square Ligature frames the content and uses a friendly, readable type design, giving the design a space to change from feature to feature, and still keep an inviting quality.


Spectrum Thumbnail

Brendan Callahan’s Spectrum takes design cues from 90s typography and other sources to create a visually compelling, yet still readable publication.

Typographic Review

Typographic Review Thumbnail

Mariel Rushing’s Typographic Review uses an oversized format and lots of white space to play with blocks of type as well as blocks of color and images, creating a very grid-like, but still open magazine.

Motion – One Day

Chaney – AR Morning

Chaney – AR Morning Thumbnail

Alton Chaney’s video uses motion tracking to place typography and icons in his life as he goes about getting ready in the morning.

Leal – Indecision

Leal – Indecision Thumbnail

Erin Leal’s video uses an animated version of her to tell the story of waking up and going about her day as it fills up with choices and obligations.


Rail – Community Board

Rail – Community Board Thumbnail

A community board for Capital Metro through which Austinites suggested a MetroRail concert series. Design of interface, and promotional materials, including brochures, tickets, and shirts.

Rail – Morning

Rail – Morning Thumbnail

Alex Roka, Roel Macias, and Anne-Marie Defesche designed a broad campaign – with a video and ads – centered around the idea that riding MetroRail frees you from your drive.

Rail – Bags

Rail – Bags Thumbnail

Jean Viera, Song Bowman, Ana Fry, and May Yateem planned, designed, and printed a set of bags, each aimed at a different kind of potential MetroRail passenger.

Parking – Alternatives

Parking – Alternatives Thumbnail

Robin Bishop, Greg Thomas, Corine Brunet, Nate Cordoba, and Clare Szabo propose Affordable Alternatives to parking at school and gives students resources to better enable them to get to school other ways.

Parking – Bike Share

Parking – Bike Share Thumbnail

Abbas Deidehban, Marissa Cueva, Margo Sivin, Erica Stivison, and Grethe Ullrich create a bike-promotion program for St. Edward’s University.


America Past

America Past Thumbnail

Nicole Ryder creates a walk-through of a museum exhibition from 2111 explaining the 2011 recession.

Gold Standard Typeface

Gold Standard Typeface Thumbnail

A typeface by Roel Macias that uses US currency and the golden ratio as inspiration, responding to the US financial crisis.

Cute Nukes Video

Cute Nukes Video Thumbnail

Kyle Tweedy created an animated response to compare the amount of budget cuts to the amount spent on nuclear weapons.

Rue 32 Typeface

Rue 32 Typeface Thumbnail

Aaron Arnold uses vernacular type as a model to create a new typeface that responds to small-scale, non-professional design practice.

Web Poster

Paul – McCloud

Paul – McCloud Thumbnail

Devone Paul’s site for Scott McCloud adeptly uses current web fonts, timed transitions, and a design and implementation that adapt to screen size for compatibility with desktop and mobile devices.

Westerfield – Greiman

Westerfield – Greiman Thumbnail

Galen Westerfield’s site takes cues from April Greiman’s work to create a visually engaging mini-site.