Parking – Alternatives

Reframe Student Work

This project requires students to rethink a deliberately shallow project brief, examine its goals, and come up with a better brief than the original one. They then find other students with similar or complementary ideas and create a project with more depth than they were originally asked for.

This instance of it asked them to design an ad to explain a change in parking prices at St. Edward’s as a way to encourage students to use other means of transportation. Their job, then, was to rethink the project and figure out other ways to alleviate parking difficulties.

In this example, Robin Bishop, Greg Thomas, Corine Brunet, Nate Cordoba, and Clare Szabo created a program called Affordable Alternatives. The project offered students ways to cut down on parking costs by carpooling with other students, taking the bus, or biking to school. To make it easier, they created maps of common bike routes around campus, utilized Google’s transit search, and then created posters to encourage students to use those other transportation methods.

This work was then disseminated through their project’s website, Affordable Alternatives.